Best PDF Compressor Software for Windows

PDF is a common document format we often used in our daily office work. In some cases, the PDF documents we got are very large, and it is troublesome to upload those PDF files or attach to an email with poor internet access speed. If you want to transfer PDF files easily, you should compress them first. There are a few PDF compressor software products and services on the web, but why people like to use our PDF Compressor?

Why PDF Compressor is the Best PDF Compressor Software for Windows

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1. Support All PDF Types

The PDF format has 2 types: text PDF and scanned PDF. Text PDF files are created by virtual printers or text editors, so it contains all text and character information. Scanned PDF files are different because these are made by images like JPG, GIF, and PNG formats or produced by a scanner device directly. But PDF Compressor supports to compress both text PDF and scanned PDF via its two built-in engines.

2. High Compression Ratio

With the improved core PDF compressing engine, PDF Compressor could compress the uncompressed PDF files from more than 30 MB to 1-3 MB: the compression ratio is highest to 90%! (*1)

3. Keep the Text Quality

No matter you choose the best quality or Smallest File Size mode, the compressed text PDF files compressed by PDF Compressor will keep the original text visible quality.

4. Shrink Restricted PDF Files

PDF Compressor could shrink the restricted PDF files like printing protected PDF or copying protected PDF, without asking you for the owner permission password. It will remove the permission automatically.

5. Compress PDF Files in Bulk

We all often deal with a lot of PDF files, not a single PDF file. Luckily, PDF Compressor could compress PDF files in bulk. Simply drag and drop your PDF files into the file list and start compressing, then the task would be done within a few minutes.


So this is why I call it is the best PDF compressor software for Windows OS. Yes, it is our product but I got strong confidence with it. Hope you like this PDF Compressor utility after you download and try it out.

*1 Please Note: Some PDF files are compressed PDF so the compression ratio might not reach the highest ratio.