How to Reduce PDF File for the Email Attachment

We must been at a point where there is an urgent need to send a PDF file across to a friend through email, and it doesn't deliver. In most cases, it would be impossible, because of the size. So you would need to reduce the size of the PDF file for the email attachment. There are so many ways to go about this and make the emailing much easier. We would be reviewing a couple of third-party software application for this, and the best one to opt for.

It's understandable to be skeptical about using online services, because you might have sensitive files you don't feel safe uploading online. This brings us to our preferred software application. The PDF Compressor, which is a software application, is specially designed for the reduction of PDF files.

This software makes the compressing of PDF files easy even to a novice. You don't need to possess any technical skills to operate it. The reason why it's top on our list is that it's efficient and fast.

Here is a quick rundown of how to use PDF Compressor software

1 - Download and run it on your computer.

2 - Add the PDF file you need to reduce. You can select as much as you want because it supports batch mode. This feature alone gives it an edge over its competitors.

3 - Choose your PDF type, scanned, or text PDF. Be sure you select the right one so that the software can compress the file correctly.

4 - Depending on what PDF type you select, drag the compress quality slider to adjust the PDF quality.

5 - Select your desired output path. You have three options: Original, Customize, and Overwrite Original.

6 - Next, you start compressing. To view the progress of your file, there is a progress bar located at the bottom. Once your PDF file is done compressing, it automatically opens in the output folder.

7 - Now you can send the PDF file as an email attachment without any troubles.

Any other method I could Reduce PDF File Size for an Email?

Alternatively, if you don't wish to compress PDF files, you can use the PDF Page Delete to split your large PDF file to small pieces with the following steps, then you can reduce your PDF file to make it suitable to send as an email:

1 - Download the PDF Page Delete.

2 - Double click on it, and click on Start. Select the Program which you want to use to open the PDF Page Delete.

3 - Click Open to open the PDF file.

4 - Click "Split Page Range" and input a page quantity number to split. If you enter 5, the program will split every 5 pages of the PDF file to a new PDF.

5 - To view the size, right-click on the document, and select properties. There you can see that the size is reduced. If you need the file smaller, you can change the page quantity number, or click the "Split to Single PDF" which would spilt each PDF page to a single PDF file.

6 - There you have it, and your PDF file is reduced, and ready to be sent as an email attachment.

This procedure may seem quite hectic for a novice, but with constant practice, you would be able to navigate through it quickly.